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Beautiful toilet tiles

Picking tiles for your toilet can be tricky, but we are here to help :) We will give you some tips and inspiring ideas...In the Baldosas shop you will find the most beautiful tiles for the toilet. For example, combine different colors of toilet tiles to make your toilet an attractive space. Whether it is a mosaic pattern toilet tile or a natural stone look tiles such as marble. 

Various shapes, patterns and colors toilet tiles in style

Baldosas Tiles offers a variety of toilet room styles in different shapes and sizes of toilet tiles. The tiles in the toilet can make or break the look & feel of the toilet room. Therefore, take absolutely enough time to think about it carefully and compare different options of toilet tiles. After all, the toilet room is a room in your house where you will spend many hours...
Yes indeed, you secretly spend a lot of time on the toilet. Toilet tiles provide a nice decoration of the toilet, so they are actually a must, both for yourself and for your visitors. Beautiful toilet tiles certainly help to create a more hospitable atmosphere and a well-kept impression in the toilet area. Most likely the toilet room is even the smallest room in your house, but it is still visited regularly on a daily basis, not only by yourself but also by family, friends, relatives and acquaintances. Good reason to furnish the toilet room as attractively as possible, beautiful toilet tiles definitely help with this!

Toilet wall tiles and floor tiles for the toilet

Toilet tiles come in many styles. Consider, for example, the Mediterranean appearance of Portuguese tiles in the toilet area. This gives the room an impressive colorful touch. With mosaic tiles in the toilet you create a playful twist. Or how about a pleasing appearance of the herringbone pattern? At our project page you will get ideas in various styles and combinations. This way you will always find a tile that suits your taste. Baldosas has the right tiles for your toilet and toilet area because in addition to the choice of many tile colors, from neutral colors such as black to light colors such as green and orange and even colored patterned mosaic tiles, you can also choose from a wide range of pattern tiles and shapes. Including: hexagon, square, diamonds and fish scale. Here is a list of the most requested options:

toilet hexagon tiles ( hexagon ; honeycomb tiles )
Scales (fish scale tile shape)
Mosaic pattern bathroom tile
Square: small square tiles to diamond and larger square tiles for the bathroom
triangle tiles
herringbone tiles toilet (rectangle bathroom tiles laid in herringbone connection)
Colored toilet tiles

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