Vintage tile 04


Kind cement tile
Color black, white, grey
Format Square
Dimensions 20x20x1.5 cm
Weight 1.30 Kg
Price p/m2 €76



Our retro patterned tiles are handmade tiles with a size of 20cm x 20cm. We produce these floor tiles in Spain. It concerns a floor tile in three colours: black, white and grey. Use the tile as a wall tile or floor tile. On request we adjust the colours for you, ask us via contact about the possibilities. Please note that untreated cement tiles are porous and should always be impregnated.

These pattern tiles are better known as ‘Portuguese tiles’. We value sustainable production and authenticity. That’s why we produce our cement tiles according to old crafts in Europe. Where many Portuguese tiles are produced in Asia (as crazy as that sounds) we try to keep the influence of CO2 emissions as low as possible. The tiles consist exclusively of natural and durable materials. Our cement tile is made with a paste of marble powder, cement, grit and color pigments.

We work together with 4 Spanish designers who come up with the different patterns for our pattern tiles, each with their own specialism. For example, one places more emphasis on colourful patterns while the other focuses on soft colours (such as pastel shades) and quiet motifs.


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