Are you looking for exclusive tiles that give the space in your home or business premises a luxurious look? Baldosas Tiles supplies beautiful handmade glazed tiles. Do you want to see more of our collection? View our project page or visit our showroom!

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What are glazed tiles?

Glazed tiles are fairly easy to recognize. This is because a glazed tile consists of two separate layers that are clearly visible from the side. The bottom layer is the biscuit layer with a top layer of glaze on top. The type of glaze depends on what you will be using the tile for.

If you are looking for glazed tiles for the floor, the tiles will need a wear-resistant glaze layer to prevent damage from shoes. The glaze also offers protection against moisture. Therefore, glazed tiles are extremely suitable for placing in the bathroom and toilet. 

Glaze tiles in different colors and patterns

With the large range of glazed tiles from Baldosas you can easily create a unique look in your home or building. Baldosas supplies glazed tiles in no fewer than 400 different colours, with a choice of matt and glossy finishes. Think of colors such as aqua, neutrals, red, green and even purple or metallics. Complete the look with one of our formats such as herringbone, fish scale and hexagon. Whichever style you choose, with glazed tiles you can create a chic, luxurious look in your bathroom, toilet or kitchen in no time.

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Portuguese glazed tiles

If you are looking for exclusive tiles with a Mediterranean atmosphere, our collection of Portuguese glazed tiles is worth a look. With a selection of green and blue tones, the Portuguese glazed tiles bring southern European style to your interior. These glazed tiles are handmade and therefore always unique. We are happy to send you a sample, so that you can see the effect of our beautiful tiles. 

Visit our showroom

Are you curious about our range of glazed tiles? Or are you curious about the different choices we offer? Then make an appointment and visit our showroom. Our experts are ready to explain the possibilities and listen to your wishes.

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