Hexagonal tile / six-cornered tiles the "hexagon"

The Hexagon tiles, also know as the the six-cornered tile, are becoming more and more common. With this hexagonal tile you can create a unique, playful look in your kitchen, bathroom or other room in your house as a wall tile wall decoration. At Baldosas we have this six-cornered tile in many different colors and designs. This way yu are sure to find the perfect hexagonal tile for your home. Take a look at our website or come to our showroom. It is also possible to view our hexagon tiles through photo examples to get inspiration for a possible hexagon tile in the kitchen or bathroom.

Handmade hexagonal tiles

The hexagonal tiles at Baldosas are entirely handmade. A lot of time, energy and love are invested in order to achieve the most beautiful, unique end result of the Hexagon tiles. Make sure to also take a look at these hexagon tiles, one of our most popular tiles and available in more than 120 other colors. We only use natural glazes and the clay is extracted on site.This way, a sustainable production of the six-cornered tiles is contributed. The Baldosas hexagonal tiles are also of very good quality. They can withstand moisture and heavy impact well, making the tiles perfect for a bathroom, toilet or kitchen.

six-cornered hexagon tiles blue wall tiles bathroomsix-cornered tiles hexagon wall tiles blue

The six-cornered tile in different designs

You can go in all kinds of directions with the hexagonal tile. Are you going for a classic look or are you going for more of a striking look? You can go for just a solid color, but also for a beautiful pattern on your wall or floor in your bathroom or kitchen. In the shower and bathroom they are usually used as hexagon floor and wall tiles and in the kitchen as hexagon wall tiles in, for example, the rear wall or purely as a decoration for the kitchen backsplash. Whatever your choice is, at Baldosas we always deliver tailor-made solutions. This way everything is adapted to your wishes. So you can get the hexagonal tiles in whatever size you want. Once you have found the beautiful hexagonal tiles, the jointing determines the final appearance. You can go for white, black, gray, but also colored joints. Whatever you want: it's all possible with the hexagon tile.

Different colors of the hexagonal tiles

By choosing the right color tile, you immediately lay the foundation for the interior and style in your home. The hexagonal tiles are available in no less than 150 colours. This way there is always a nice color that suits you. Are you going for a somewhat brighter color hexagonal tile, such as green, aqua blue; light blue to turquoise, jade green yellow, red or pink? Or do you prefer more neutral colors such as cream, brown, gray taupe, anthracite, black or white in your bathroom or kitchen or even bronze, gold, steel, platinum or other metallic finish; even with rust effect? Whatever you want, everything is possible with the hexagonal tiles. In addition to the various colors, you also have a choice of different glazes. You can choose normal glaze, but also a matte retro glaze, oxide explosions, special firing or vintage metallics. All glazes give a different beautiful effect on your wall or floor. View our range of hexagonal tiles at Baldosas, order a sample tile and discover which tile best suits your style!

six-cornered green wall tilesdark blue six-cornered tiles wallsix-cornered hexagon tiles six corner gold copper

Six-cornered tiles in our showroom

If you have come across a beautiful hexagon tile, you do not have to make a choice immediately. You can also order a sample first and take a good look at the tile in real life. When ordering, the sample sample tile will be shipped within one working day!

Prefer to come by? This is also possible! View our full range of hexagonal tiles in our showroom right in the center of Weert! Here you can view the tiles in real life and we can give you advice if you want.


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