You see it everywhere nowadays, tiles on the wall or floor. The most beautiful patterns are created with these tiles, bringing a Mediterranean atmosphere into your home. A popular tile that is really trendy now is the fish scale tile. These tiles are very suitable for creating a great atmosphere, brightening up any room. Read more about these unique tiles in this blog.

Unique shape of the fish scale tiles

With the fish scale tiles you immediately create cosiness in a room. The shape of the tile creates a unique pattern on your wall or floor without it becoming too much, but rather a coherent whole. The tiles are suitable for virtually any room in the house, but are most commonly used in a kitchen, bathroom or hallway. The unique shape ensures that the wall or floor becomes a real eye-catcher in the room. This is also the reason that more and more people are choosing these tiles for their home.

fish scale tiles bluefish scale tiles blue wall tiles shower

Fish scale tiles in different colors and textures

Fish scale tiles come in a variety of colors and textures. Each color and texture gives your living space a different effect, so it is important to choose carefully. It also differs whether you buy a Portuguese or an Italian tile. Both are produced in a different way. You can choose from glazed tiles, glazed tiles with a special color effect or matte tiles. 
With the color of the tile you immediately lay the foundation and set the tone for your interior. It is therefore very important that you choose the right color. Do you want to keep it simple? Then go for a solid color or a few different colors in the same shade. If you prefer a more striking wall or floor, go for all kinds of different colors. It is entirely up to you! If you find it difficult to choose the right color, you can also take a sample home with you. This way you don't have to make a choice right away, but you can think about it first. 

Other shapes of the fish scale tiles

If you want to bring the Mediterranean atmosphere to your home, wall or floor tiles are a very good way to do this! In addition to the fish scale tiles, there are also tiles in all kinds of other shapes, such as hexagon, rectangular, square, flower-shaped, etc. Whichever shape you choose, you are sure to give the space character!

fish scale tiles brown dropfish scale tiles drop brown wall tiles

View our range of fish scale tiles

Are you completely sold, and would you like to place beautiful fish scale tiles in your house? Find scales tiles that completely match your vision for your home. View the wide variety at Baldosas Tiles. All our tiles are 100% handmade and therefore unique. Simply order a sample to get a better look at the tiles before deciding. Need expert advice? We are happy to help you. Contact us or make an appointment to visit our showroom!

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