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Buy yellow or orange tiles?

Orange tiles & yellow tiles are both very colorful tiles, which bring the sun into your home. Use these tiles as a floor or wall tile in your bathroom / shower or kitchen and experience that these colorful tiles provide a warm glow in your interior and more inviting atmosphere. Multiple shades of orange and yellow are available, such as peach with its deep color and rich texture, or mango / lemon yellow for bright cheerfulness. Here are some more examples in terms of colored tiles that you can choose from:

orange-green tiles
ceramic yellow gray
orange glass
metro tile yellow
orange red
orange-brown tiles
orange black
yellow marble

In addition to the color and application (wall tile / floor tile), you can also choose from different finishes and shapes. For example mosaic, hexagon or other shapes and you can also choose a glossy, high gloss or matt finish.  As you can read, a lot is possible at Baldosas Tiles. Every tile available at Baldosas is produced by hand in an environmentally friendly way.

In addition to square, you can also choose from different shapes in our range of yellow and orange tiles, such as triangle, rhombus, hexagon, fish scale, the elongated rectangular herringbone tiles, hexagon, teardrop shape and much more.

The range of orange and yellow tiles is easy to order at Baldosas Tiles. Also a nice fact: every tile that can be ordered from us is made by hand in a sustainable manner, which gives each tile a unique character; their uniqueness really sets them apart from other materials and surfaces. All the orange and yellow tiles here have their own story: they are made by Spanish, Italian & Portuguese tile craftsmen who really love the work they do and it shows in the end result.

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