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Placing and treating cement tiles

Cement tiles are porous and it is therefore necessary to impregnate them and maintain them properly. Use the right products for this. Installing and treating your cement tiles in 6 easy steps.

Placing cement tiles
1. Make a plan for laying
2. Glue
3. Grouting

Treating cement tiles
4. Cleaning
5. Impregnate
6. Maintain

1. Lay pattern tiles

Work from the center of the floor. This way you have the same cut surfaces on both sides of the floor. Always use a water saw. The top layer of the cement tiles consists of marble and granite.

We do not recommend cement tiles in a walk-in shower, because of limescale, which is difficult to remove on cement tiles. Placing cement tiles outside is possible. Please note that when placing the tiles in full sun, minimal discoloration may occur.

2. Bonding cement tiles

Only use white flexible glue. Never use quick-drying glue. Always work on a dry surface. Switch off the underfloor heating 2 days before installing the tiles. The tiles are not yet impregnated so work cleanly.

Cement tiles are handmade and therefore there are slight color deviations in the tiles. This creates a unique and warm appearance. For the best result, use the tiles from the different boxes together. This ensures an even distribution of the tiles. Let the glue harden. Therefore, wait 3 days before grouting. After installation, leave the underfloor heating off for at least 5 weeks to avoid large temperature differences.

We recommend covering your floor with cotton or linen cloths, not with plastic or cardboard.

3. Grouting cement tiles

Provide small joints, because of the continuous patterns on the cement tiles. Never use black or anthracite colored grout. Only work with grout that is suitable for natural stone. Remove excess grout immediately. Then let it dry for at least 12 hours.

4. Cleaning cement tiles

After the joints are dry, you can clean the cement tiles. Wait a few days after inserting. Use acid-free cement film remover that is suitable for natural stone or green soap. Dilute the cement film remover with 5 parts water. This is available from the Hornbach, among others.

5. Impregnate cement tiles

Impregnation ensures that the cement tiles receive a protective layer so that the tiles are less sensitive to stains and moisture. Use cement tile impregnation for this, which is available at praxis. Make sure the tiles are clean and dry before impregnating. Impregnate at least 2x. Continue to apply impregnating agent until it is no longer absorbed by the cement tiles.

6. Cleaning solution for cement tiles

Keep your floor clean by vacuuming and mopping. Use green soap or soap specially made for cleaning cement tiles. Do not use acidic or scale-degrading cleaning agents (eg Cilit-Bang, cleaning vinegar or Anti Kal). messed up? Then remove this immediately.

The above information is purely informative. No rights can be derived from this data. We always recommend using a tiler with experience in installing cement tiles and pattern tiles.

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