Are you still looking for a unique entrance, stylish bathroom or colorful kitchen? With Spanish tiles in your interior, you can achieve this goal. These tiles immediately bring cosiness and atmosphere into your home. With the cheerful, colorful patterns, which you can have on your floor as well as on the wall, you will certainly leave an impression on all of your visitors. We are happy to explain to you what exactly the Spanish tile is and why it is perfect for any interior.

What is a Spanish tile?

The warm appearance and high quality of a wall or floor covered with Spanish tiles is rarely matched. This is due to a unique manufacturing process that does not involve heating, painting or chemical processes. After all these years, these tiles are still made by hand and are completely natural.

The tiles are available in many different types and colors. This makes it a versatile choice for your interior. You can have these tiles placed in a specific motif. You can also opt for beautiful Spanish patterned tiles, where the pattern on the tile can be the same or different from each other. You also see this with Moroccan and Portuguese tiles and is a frequently chosen option. Such tiles give an authentic feeling to the room.

Victorian Spanish tile pink

Patterned tiles

You may be wondering about the possibilities of the Spanish patterned tile. At Baldosas Tiles we offer these patterned tiles in many different colours, patterns and sizes. You can choose a modern, Victorian, geometric, classic or vintage print. From neutral grey, beige to the more striking colors that are blue, green and red; the choice is yours! Thanks to this wide range, you will always find a beautiful pattern tile that perfectly complements your kitchen, bathroom or hallway.

Shapes and sizes

The Spanish tiles can be ordered in many different shapes and sizes, and are often laid in the checkerboard pattern. Do you prefer a more unique pattern? Then go for different color combinations or combine our one color tiles with our Spanish pattern tiles. The tiles often come in a size of 20X20 to give an authentic look.

Advantages of Spanish tiles

The great fame of these tiles is not only due to their beautiful appearance. There are also a lot of advantages when you choose Spanish tiles in your interior. These advantages are listed below.

1. The tiles are maintenance-free. You just have to mop them regularly to make them shine.
2. Spanish tiles will last a lifetime. The authentic making process ensures a very strong tile.
3. The tile is installed with extremely thin joints. This ensures that all attention can go to the unique tiles and patterns themselves.
4. The tiles are easy to install with underfloor heating, so you can enjoy your new floor barefoot.

Classic Spanish tile black whiteVictorian Spanish tile brownGeometric Spanish tile

Application of the Spanish tiles

You can use this beautiful tile in many different ways in your interior. Not only is this tile extremely versatile in shape, appearance and use of color. You can also have it installed as both floor and wall tiles. For example, you can opt for a unique shower wall covered with a Spanish tile, or you can place it in the hall as a real entrance.

You can also opt for a decorative application of the Spanish tile. For example by using beautiful Spanish patterned tiles behind the fireplace, or as a centerpiece on a wooden table. If you let your imagination run free, you will discover the endless possibilities of this versatile tile.

Order a sample tile!

Baldosas has a wide range of Spanish, Portuguese, Moroccan and Italian tiles. We are happy to answer all your questions about the possibilities with these beautiful tiles. Contacting us is simple via our contact form.

Would you like to see our tiles in real life? Do not hesitate to make an appointment in our showroom. Our experts are happy to go through all the options with you. No time to come by? Order a sample of the tile you are interested in. This way you can immediately see what possibilities it can offer within your interior.



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