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Tiles from Portugal

Tiles from Portugal are a real eye-catcher for every home. These tiles are suitable in the hall, the toilet, the bathroom or in the kitchen. Our range consists of more than 140 different tiles from Portugal, where you can choose from a huge range of colors that are typical for Portugal. You can also choose from a large number of shapes with which we can make the most beautiful patterns. Due to the different finishes, each tile has its own style. As a result, there is undoubtedly a tile for you, regardless of which style you prefer. Are you going for a diamond tile, hexagonal tile, tile in drop shape or even in lantern shape? The choice is endless at Baldosas Tiles.

Tiles Portugal: handmade tiles in beautiful patterns

Our handmade tiles from Portugal brings the mediterranean atmosphere to your home. Our tiles are therefore known for the glazed top layer in all kinds of patterns and colours. Tiles Portugal at Baldosas are supplied in the most beautiful colors and distinct patterns. Our tiles are also glazed by hand. This glaze can be applied to different types of tiles. If you are looking for colourful, exclusive and unique tiles with authentic and traditional finishes, our Portuguese tiles are for you. With this you create a colorful and amazing interior!

Productie tegels uit Portugal Gekleurde tegels uit Portugal

Tiles in Portuguese colors and shapes

If you are looking for unique, colored tiles, our tiles from Portugal are what you are looking for. The Baldosas range consists of tiles in 142 different Portuguese colours. This way you are assured that you will always find something that suits your style and interior. Are you going for a matte, gloss, craquelure or oxidized finish? The tile consists of a clay surface on which a liquid glaze is applied. The tiles are then baked in a kiln at very high temperatures of over 1,050 degrees. Both the tile and the glaze are made by hand. All colors are possible in countless shapes, such as square, rectangle, hexagon, triangle, diamond, 3D and many more formats! This way you can combine endlessly in color and shape until you have found the perfect combination for your interior.

View all possible colors and shapes of ceramic tiles from Portugal below.

View shapes and patterns

Tiles from Portugal prices at Baldosas

As you can see above, our tiles from Portugal are available in different colours, shapes and designs. Combine the shape and color of the tiles for the most beautiful creations for both your wall and floor. You can choose regular square tiles, but you can also go for a triangular or hexagonal tile or even a kite-shaped tile or fish scale tiles. At Baldosas Tiles, both the tiles and the glaze are made by hand, so not only the color but also the shape affects the price. Below you will find the different options.

OB colours (wall): These consist of 1 glaze layer and have little to medium color nuances. The prices of these tiles start at €181.25 per m².
OM colours (wall and floor): colors with 1 glaze layer and few color nuances. Here too, the prices of the tiles start at € 181.25 p/m².
OX colours (wall): These tiles consist of several glaze layers and have higher color nuances. The price for these tiles starts at € 202.99 per m².
OS colours (wall): Tiles with multiple layers of glaze and higher color nuances. A starting price of € 210.70 p/m² applies to this.
OV colors (wall): colors with multiple glaze layers and higher color nuances. The prices of these tiles start at € 217.50 per m².

Do you have any questions about the possible colors? Contact us.

Gouden bijenkorf tegels Keukentegels uit Portugal Gekleurde tegels uit Portugal

Buy tiles from Portugal at Baldosas

If you are looking for a specialist in handmade tiles from Portugal, Baldosas Tiles is the right place for you. The tiles are designed and developed by professional interior architects and designers. Our tiles are manufactured in Italy, Portugal, Spain and Morocco, where they are made entirely by hand. This is a process in which a lot of time, love and skill has been invested. The result is unique tiles, where no tile is the same. In addition, we provide customization, where everything can be adapted to the specific wishes of you as a customer.

Need advice? Baldosas is a specialist in tiles Portugal

Do you still have questions after reading the above product information about ceramic tiles from Portugal? Or are you looking for a specialist who can advise you about tiles from Portugal? Baldosas customer service is available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us via the contact page. Are you looking for inspiration? View our projects page to get an impression of the possibilities.

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